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Welcome fo the Feature Model DSL project!

Feature Model DSL makes it possible for you to design and configure feature models using Visual Studio. It is developed using the Microsoft DSL Tools.

Note: the project's source code is available at my GitHub


The original design of the Feature Model DSL was proposed by Gunther Lenz and Christoph Wienands in the Practical Software Factories in .NET book. This project extends the idea to support Visual Studio 2008/2010 and provides the following features:.
  • Feature model modeling experience supported by an integrated Visual Studio experience, including visual designer, Toolbox and Properties Window.
  • Feature model validation through Errors List toolbar.
  • Cross-diagram navigation.
  • HTML report automatically generated from feature model diagram.
  • Export feature model diagram to .png file.
  • Configure feature model.
  • Open, save and validate feature model configuration.
  • Implement and launch custom actions to change the environment (IDE) according to the feature model configuration
  • Generate HTML reports for a single or multiple feature model configurations.


Creating your first Feature Model using the Feature Model DSL
Configuring your feature model through the Confeaturator tool window
Implementing and launching custom actions to configure the environment based on the end-user configuration


Modeling experience

Feature model HTML report

Configuring the feature model with the Confeaturator tool window

HTML report generated from multiple feature model configurations

About the author:

Andre Furtado - PhD, MSc, Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation

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