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Configuring your feature model through the Confeaturator tool window

You can configure the currently opened feature model via the Confeaturator tool window. Once you open it, click in the Refresh button to load it with data from the feature model diagram. If the diagram changes, you'll have to refresh the tool window again, but the current configuraton will be lost.


Mandatory features automatically appear as selected, and you can't change that (since they are mandatory). You'll be able to select optional and alternative features as part of your configuration, though. After you are done with your selections, you can click in the Validate button to validate the configuration. Errors will appear in Visual Studio's Error List.


The Save and Load buttons are intuitive and will enable you to save or load a configuration to/from a .confeaturator file. This is useful to manage the configuration of multiple products (instances) of the domain.

The next two buttons (Launch Confeaturator Actions to configure the environment and Add / Remove Confeaturator Action Providers) enable you to implement and launch actions based on a configuration. For details about this, please check the following help topic: Implementing and launching custom actions to configure the environment based on the end-user configuration.

Click the Generate Report button in the Confeaturator tool window to create a HTML file with a table-based representation of the current configuration.


The Generate Consolidated Report button enables you to create a side-by-side HTML report for multiple configurations (i.e., product instances). You just need to provide the .confeaturator files you want to compare. The consolidated report contains an additional column telling how many times a given feature is selected across all the instances.



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